Friday, March 17, 2017

Challis Ride- Day three

What gorgeous country...we rode through a canyon early in the morning...I thought I'd freeze.  No sun to warm us up.  Then up the South Fork of Morgan Creek to explore and take photos.  Then over the top and we thought we'd ride to Cobalt.  Instead, we met the building inspector from Salmon who told us there wasn't much of anything left there, and we should ride into the Yellow Jacket Mine site.  We did...and oh how cool!  Lots of old buildings and beautiful trees.  We were right next to the Frank Church Wilderness area...again.  That is where the take off to hike up to the Bighorn Craigs is.  We didn't ride that direction though, because everyone was running out of gas.  We weren't even sure some of them would make it back.  130 miles, and I think Larry was running on fumes when we got back to the trailers.  Joe, Ruth, Larry, Anita, Jeff, and myself went to Numnez for dinner again, and since it was my birthday...Joe bought for all of us.

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