Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Challis- Saturday and final day

On Saturday, Steve wanted to ride up to Yellow Jacket mine since he missed it earlier in the week.  He carries extra gas with him, so he wasn't worried about running low on fuel.  After riding to the mine, we could see smoke and decided to ride up to the camp grounds and see what was going on.  They stopped us from going to the camp grounds due to the fire in the Frank Church Wilderness area, but said we could ride down to Yellow Jacket Lake.  It was two or three miles, and she said the road was pretty rough but we'd be okay on our bikes, so we took off.  While we were there checking it out, a helicopter came in to get water for the fire, so we watched for a while...so fun.  We were so close that it blew Jeff's hat right off his head, and we could see the pilot leaning out to watch the bucket fill...and the lilly pads were blowing back and forth...it was awesome!

You can see the smoke in this photo, as when we came out it was getting much larger.  They had to get permission to fight the blaze since it was wilderness area.  We met about six trucks going in to fight it as well as the helicopter.
Super fun week.  We got up Sunday morning and had breakfast and then headed home.

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