Saturday, March 18, 2017

Challis- Thursday Ride

Started out in Challis and rode it the reservoir and then on towards Custer.  We were surprised by the all burned area.  It is devastating to see such a beautiful place left like this.  Last year everything was so green and pretty.

When we got to eight mile, I went over and talked to some people and asked about taking the trail through.  We had looked at it before but weren't sure if we could make it through or not.  They told us someone had taken a VW bug up the trail, so we were pretty sure we'd make it at least partway.  We actually made it all the way through, and it was great.  What a fun trail.

This was the first ruin we came to, and it was pretty cool.  This was the end of the trail for the VW...but we went on.  Steve and Jeff actually found me some really old square nails here...

After crossing the creek, we found more old cabins and ruins.  It was really a cool place.

Then on down the pretty rocky, but what a fun ride!  We've all decided we need to do this ride again next year.

Towards the summit, we came to the old mine.  We spent quite a lot of time here taking photos and checking out all the old cabins and the mine building.

Steve set his camera up to take a timed photo so we could all be in it.  It took most everyone working to figure out a platform...

We loved the contrast of the weathered wood on this old out house, and the green of the pine around it.  We spent forever taking photos here.  Anita even plugged her nose...

And then it was forward again.  It looked like it was starting to cloud up and we were afraid we were going to get rained on.

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