Thursday, March 16, 2017

Challis ride - Part 2

The above photos should have gone with yesterday's post...they were ruins we saw coming out of Bay Horse Lake...
On Tuesday we rode up to Twin Peaks Lookout.  It was a little early, since a tree had fallen across the road.  We were able to get around it, but it was so beautiful that we took photos by it on our way out.
Much of this area burned a couple of years ago, and it is devastating to see the ruin.  The creek is the most beautiful thing ever though...Jeff wanted to know just how many photos I needed of it.  But, the rushing water and the flowers blooming on the banks were just to tempting for me to miss.
The lookout is almost 11,000' and we could see five mountain ranges from there.  A small private airplane was actually flying below us!  The switchbacks are pretty steep, but since we've been there a couple of times now, it didn't really bother me.  I actually took video of us driving up!  Jeff's mother says she prays for us everyday because she knows where we ride after looking at photos.  I don't think she'd want to watch the video.
Front...Joe and Ruth.  Back:  Bill and JoAnna  Leff:  Jeff and Larry  Anita and I most be off looking at flowers or something!

Joanna, Bill, Ruth, Joe, Anita, Larry, and Jeff.  Isn't the twists and color in this tree beautiful?

That's the lookout on top of the mountain...just a speck from where we are now!

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