Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Challis trip

We arrived on Sunday, and Bill and JoAnna said they knew right where we should have supper!  Nummyz...It was like being on he beach in Hawaii or something.  Open air with beach themed decor.  Food was Korean.  Very unusual, but good.

On Monday we went riding.  First off, up to Buster Lake.  When we came back out, we saw deer...pretty close to us.  Then over the top into Bay Horse.  Fist stop was the town site.  We found out they lost some buildings over the winter, which was disappointing.  There were a couple of rangers there and we visited with them for awhile.  Then we decided to ride up to little and big Bay Horse Lakes.  We had never gone to them before.  They were both so pretty.  Little Bay Horse Lake was my favorite, but mainly because there were blue dragon flies everywhere and the fish were jumping up to grab them.  Also, lots of stumps covered in moss that made gorgeous photos.  I just couldn't stop taking them...crazy, I know.  Big Bay Horse Lake was okay, but I didn't think it was nearly as pretty.  Then back over the mountain and into Challis for dinner.  We were surprised that most of the restaurants were already closed...I guess they roll up the carpet about 2:00 in the afternoon...what?  We did some pizza and salad at Antonio's though.

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