Thursday, September 10, 2015

Triple Crown quilt

I was in Soda Springs at my sister's quilting group when a lady brought in a quilt made with this pattern and I just loved it.  This spring I ordered some batts through her, so I asked if there was a chance I could borrow her pattern, and she let me.  I just loved how it turned out.  It was made with a jelly roll and white fabric.  It was very hard because I had to tear so much of it apart to begin with (the pattern showed making all pieces one direction but when you went to actually sew them together they had to be made in several directions to work) and...since I didn't use the jelly roll they said, none of the colors matched the pattern and I finally had to just start with the white flower looking pieces, then work in the triangles, etc.  But...loved how it turned out.

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Creative Day said...

I love this quite---such a cute design and pretty colors.