Friday, September 4, 2015

Sister's Retreat

Our first stop was at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.  We wanted to tour the gardens.  Luckily they rent golf carts to ride.  It covers over 55 acres.  They have the largest "manmade" water fall in the Northern they told us.  It was pretty cool.  We were really glad we had the cart when it clouded up and started pouring rain on us.

Leslie got mom a wind chime, and had packed it up to took most everyone working to untangle it.  How many ladies....

Lunch at the Gardens...after the rain.

These were so cool looking.  They had purple, pink, and white.  I've never seen these starburst flowers before and would love to find them somewhere.  The lady in the nursery couldn't tell me where they got them or what the name was even...

This sculpture garden was really cool.  I loved looking at them.

This was another of my favorite plants.  It was called a "smoke" tree.  Would love to find one of these also.

These "bath tubs" least that's what they looked like to me, were really cool.

The "secret garden" was pretty awesome.  You had to go through a tunnel of trees basically.  It was made to be like the one in the book.

I'll have more photos from the garden tomorrow....It was just beautiful.  And I loved spending time with my mother and sisters...everyone but Margene.  Louie had a complete knee replacement not long before we went, so she couldn't make it.

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