Friday, September 18, 2015

4th of July

I actually missed the parade this year...I know...I love parades.  But, I went golfing instead.  By myself.  I can't seem to get Jeff to go, and I decided it's such a waste of money to belong to the country club and pay the big dues...and not go.  I'm sure it won't last, but at least for awhile I'm trying to go a couple of times a week.  But, I didn't miss the family get together at Mom's.  It's a great time to visit...mainly with the Johnson's and the Ahern's.  I loved the red/white/blue cake.  Janell made it, but told me the first one she baked...she forgot it was in the oven when she got busy was like a rock.  She had to redo it!

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