Tuesday, September 22, 2015


This "wild" tame turkey was in our camping area a lot.  Anita really liked her...me not so much.  Since I'm afraid of birds, I could stand back and watch it, but didn't want it close.  One morning we were sitting at a picnic table talking to a lady we had met from Arizona and I wasn't really paying attention...well, the turkey came right up to us and I about jumped off the bench.  She went over and pecked the rivet on Jeff's levi's...They told us they even had the fish and game come and check her over to make sure she was disease free since she came into the campground so much. 

This lake was about a 15 mile trip up, and is actually the water supply for the town of Challis.  We met some people that were native to Challis and they were so helpful...telling us about trails to ride and things about the area.  It was really an enjoyable ride.  The area is just so beautiful. 

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