Monday, August 3, 2015

Mother's Day, Birthday BBQ

Stephanie and Lindsay were the only Nelson's to come...everyone else was working.

Jason and his family came...except for Ivy and Natalie.  There was something going on at the school for them.

My "master" grill guy...gotta love him!

My mom...there's no way she looks 93...and she spent time telling us about this and that and video's on way!

Danelle and Gary and kids were here.

Keven and Braquel...still waiting for that baby to arrive.

Ellie and Kylee on the sand pile.  They threw a lot of dirt around, and Sam & Treven were actually hitting clods with sticks.  They made quite the mess...

We held a BBQ at our home the evening (Saturday) before Mother's Day.  It was to celebrate Mother's Day, but also a few birthdays:  Braquel, Danelle, and Sally.  It was great.  Jeff's parents came as well as mom, and then the kids.  We built a fire in the stove and ate outside and enjoyed our time together.

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