Monday, August 24, 2015

Lindsay's T-shirt quilt

Lindsay was a cheer leader from 7th grade until she graduated.  She asked me this spring if I'd help her make a quilt out of all her t-shirts from cheering.  She bought them down and we laid them out on the living room floor and I showed her how to cut the parts she needed, and then how to iron on some fusible interfacing so they wouldn't stretch when she sewed them.  She took them home and did all the blocks, then brought them back and we laid them out again.  I told her to pick some fabric that would go between...and she did it all on her own.  Laid it all out and cut the pieces to fit, and then brought them down to sew together.  The only thing she didn't plan, was for seam we just had to add a little piece here or there.  She was very particular about her sewing and did an excellent job.  She also made the back that day.  Now just to quilt it and bind it...great job by Lindsay!

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