Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ellie spending the day with me

When Braquel went to the hospital in labor, Danelle and Chelsey wanted to go with her, so I kept Ellie while they were there all day.  We baked cookies first off, and she always wants to lick the beaters.  I let her...even with all the crap about raw eggs.  I've been eating raw cookie dough my whole life, as well as my kids.  When I said something about Danelle not wanting Ellie to eat cookie dough when Treven was here, he said..."yeah, because she wants it all for herself"...I had to laugh.  That's my girl!

We colored, which we do almost every time she comes.  We read books.  We played with play dough, and best of all...we crafted.  Ellie loves to make cards and things in my craft room.  In fact, one day she was there and looked around and said:  "I love this room" sentiments exactly.

We got this in the mail one day...from Ellie.  I couldn't believe it actually was delivered.  Loved it!  I had to save that girl!

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