Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thanksgiving dinner at school with Ellie

We went to Albion the week before Thanksgiving to have dinner with Ellie.  The school was fixing a turkey dinner, but the power went off in Albion that morning, so they weren't sure if there would be lunch or not.  They did manage to serve everything but the hot rolls.  They had mashed potatoes with turkey gravy and meat over them, fruit salad, dressing, green beans...it was actually very good.  I hardly recognized Ellie in her Indian headdress though.  When we went up to go through the line, they had chocolate milk and plain milk.  Ellie and I each took a chocolate milk, and Jeff took a plain.  Ellie whispered to me..."why would anyone just take white milk?"  I had to agree.

The other things we got a kick out of was how Ellie ate so well.  She even went back for seconds on the potatoes and gravy.  Then she said I could stay for recess with her.  I told her I thought I was sort of big to play on the playground toys, and she thought I would fit on the swings for sure!  We loved spending the time with her, and was sort of glad Danelle had to work!

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