Thursday, January 8, 2015

Doll closet and doll dress

At the family reunion, Margene had made a doll closet.  We saw this at a doll shop when we were in SLC for our sister's retreat.  Margene said she wants to always go shopping with Leslie, because when we were trying to get in our mind...measurements, etc...Leslie just whips out a tape measure for her.  It was pretty cool.  So, she made one for the auction, and Gary purchased it for Ellie.  Kylee wanted to buy it, and was sort of I talked Margene into making me one to give Kylee for Christmas.  I'm good to shop with too...I took a photo of it with my phone, and could sort of see what they had done paint wise....ha...
I loved the turquoise paint, and the polka dots on the end.  And, I even liked how my flower turned out.  Good job Sister!  I had fun painting it.  (you can see some of the purses I made in the background)

Just as a note, Sally just told me at Natalie's game Tuesday evening, that Whitney and Kylee played and played with their dolls and had all their clothes in this after Christmas.  So, I guess it was a hit!
Speaking of dolls/clothes...the dress below is one I've had cut out and in my "basket" to make before we moved into this house...did I really admit that?  Anyway, in my effort to empty that bottomless basket, I made this up...and guess what?  I don't have a single doll that it fits.  Guess I'll have to give it to the first granddaughter that brings a doll that it fits!

The back of the panties.

The front of the panties.

The dress.  And let me just say...that lace wasn't cheap.  I've had it forever, and decided to just use it up. Don't remember what I even purchase it for in the first place, but I can tell it wasn't cheap lace.

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~L said...

Jeff's mom came over and told me she had decided to make another "Hilda" doll from porcelain, and since that's the doll this dress was actually made for, I gave it to her...sorry g-daughters. No one came to visit and claim it.