Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blue tree and decorations in the upper floor for 2014

Sorry I didn't get these photos organized in groups...I just sort of uploaded them as they came, so you'll have to forgive me.  I used my blue decorations on the upstairs tree again this year and loved it.  I tried taking some up close photos of some of the decorations this time.  I know you saw this same color combo last year. 

I filled a bowl on the table with red balls and then put three of these little snowmen in it.  Liked how that turned out.  Used the table runner that Robin made me last year beneath it, along with some ice snow sculpted snowmen and ice cubes.  Also a red poinsettia.

I usually put something along the top of my kitchen cabinets.  Just did mostly red this year.

I have collected crystal ornaments for quite awhile.  This triple bell is one of my favorites, but the bottom bell has been broken.  I just can't stand to part with it though.

This JOY sign was made at our family pinterest party.  The wood came from my dad's gates down at the corrals, so I won't be getting rid of this one!

Tomorrow I will start taking down all my decorations...even though I hate too.  I love having the lights, the colors, the shine...and actually hate the fact that I need to take them down.  Jeff is more than ready though, as he asked me Christmas day...when are you taking down the decorations?

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