Monday, January 5, 2015

My 2014 Christmas Card

I actually added jewels on all the "dots" on the tree before I mailed them.  Decided it just didn't have enough bling, but I didn't retake the photos.  I thought they were just okay...not totally crazy about them.  I stamped them and colored them before Jeff and I went on vacation the end of October.  I sat and cut them out the first night we were in the hotel.  I made something like 74 of them, so it took awhile.  I was actually surprised that I finished them the first night.  It wasn't real entertaining in Alpine, WY that night I guess...

I made a one page letter to send out with them also, using the following photos:

I ran out, and had to use a few of my exchange/my cards also.  I couldn't believe how many I had to send.  Next year I guess I'll make about 80-85.

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