Friday, January 23, 2015

Side by Side

We met the Jones' up above Albion for a ride one Sunday afternoon.  It was cold, but we survived.  Jeff took Ellie for a ride up the road first, and she liked it.  But then he took her on a ride up the canyon on just a "trail" and when she got back she said...." That was AWESOME"....she loves riding in it.  Treven came back from a ride and told Danelle & Gary that was what he wanted for Christmas.  Chelsey was quick to tell him they didn't spend that much money for them....we got a kick out of it.
We kept Treven and Ellie the night of Christmas and the next day while Danelle went with Braquel and Keven for the ultrasound.  Treven and Grandpa went out in the shed to do some work, and just ...accidently...went for a ride.  At lunch, Ellie found out and she told Treven he needed to stay in the house and learn what Grandma does and she would go out to the shop and help Grandpa....hint...hint...I need a ride!  But, mom and Braquel came to get her before she could do it.  Dang...we're just waiting for warmer weather so we can go again.
Danelle was kind enough to fix dinner for all of us afterwards.  What a fun day!

These are the cards that I sent to "From my Heart" for the armed forces.  I try to send them 2-3 times a year.  I sent 200 this time.

This was Chelsey's birthday present.  We mainly gave her money for the new transmission for the jeep, but I also got her some shortening, flour, and sugar so she can bake without her mother worrying about the cost of it...LOL.

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