Thursday, November 13, 2014


Jeff and I both love our horses.  I grew up around horses and was riding from the time I was pretty little.  But then, after I was married and started a family, we didn't have horses.  About the only time my kids got to ride was at the family reunion when Danny would bring horses and mules up.  When Jeff and I got married, he had a horse but he kept it out to his Dad's since I didn't have a corral at my old house.  When we built our home, we built a corral and we brought the horse home.  Slowly we've added and subtracted horses...a year or so after Jeff got hurt, we decided to get rid of them.  As you can see, it didn't happen.  Now we're up to three.  We love watching them and they like watching us through the windows.  Funny huh?

Scout:  I was looking for a horse, and a friend of mine that worked at Amalgamated, told me he had a colt that he thought I might like.  I loved him.  BUT...I needed a horse to ride then, so I passed him up and bought another one that was ready to ride.  A few years ago, this friend told me his DIL- who had taken this pinto- needed to sell him.  Dale's son had been transferred from Boise to Idaho Falls and they didn't have anywhere to keep him.  We drove to Blackfoot and decided we still really liked him.  So, he came to our house.

Chief:  This is a horse that Travis, my nephew, sold us.  He's quite large, and we purchased him to replace Jeff's horse that had bad knees.  He's great, but I think Danny has ridden him more than we have this year.

Boots:  Long story here.  Larry's mare had a colt, and he asked us if we could keep them in our corral for the summer.  We were glad to do so, and I spent a lot of time our trying to tame the colt and get him to come to me.  It worked, and I was tickled to death at having a fun colt around.  That fall, Larry asked if he could leave the colt and take his mare to wean him...of course.  By spring, I was so attached that we purchased him, and a couple of years ago, Travis broke him for us.  He was pretty tame, and didn't cause much trouble.  He is even getting better about letting someone shoe him.

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