Monday, November 3, 2014

Birthday Flowers

This was a bouquet that Braquel and Mikayla gave me for my birthday back in June.  I loved it.  They lasted for two weeks, which I thought was amazing!

I believe I posted some photos of my flower pots on the back patio, but I guess I missed this one, so I'm just throwing it in here.  I love all my flower pots and barrels.

Miss Ellie when she came to stay with us this summer.  We didn't see her nearly enough though!

This was the sunburn I got while we were at Leslie's for Dale's wake.  I had my coat (jacket) on all day because it was cold, and I get sunburned...I couldn't believe it.  But I did get a very nice tan this summer and I'm hating this cold weather.  I'll have to quit wearing shorts every day.

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