Thursday, December 4, 2014

Treven's Birthday Shoot

Chelsey was an excellent shot.  She just kept shooting trying to even better...until her shoulder was bright red and sore.

Ellie sat in her chair and mostly just watched everyone else shoot.  Don't you love that sweater?  It's one Doris made and I purchased it at the auction a couple of years ago.  She finally grew into it.

Everyone was having a ton of fun.  Gary set up some clay pigeons across the canyon and we shot at those with 22's and his target gun.  Then it was down to throwing the clay pigeons up in the air to shoot at.

Treven needs longer arms for sure, but he was amazing.  He had a ton of fun shooting.
Then we went back to their home for birthday dinner, cake, and ice cream.  What a fun day.

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