Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Halloween and another baby quilt

It took me forever, but I finally got to feeling a little better and did some Halloween decorations.  Not much though.  I did make these stacked pumpkins for each of the girls to go with their chevron table runner.  AND changed the printed holiday paper...Thanks to Robin.
We went on a tip the week of Halloween, and I didn't think we would be back for Halloween, so I didn't even purchase any candy.  We actually came back Friday afternoon, so I ran over to WalMart and picked up some candy.  Good thing...we had trick or treaters.  When Kim brought their kids, Joel said:  "We usually get something really special here...not just candy bars!"  Kim nearly died, but I thought it was pretty clever of him.  They usually do get something special.  So, next year I'll have to make sure I'm better prepared.

This was just a printed piece of fabric with Winnie the Pooh/Tigger/Eyore on it.  I just went ahead and did squares.  Nothing special, but at least it's finished and put away in the cedar chest.  I've been pinning lots of free hand ideas for quilting.  Hopefully I'll get a little braver and start doing some fun things.

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