Monday, December 1, 2014

Project Life- Week 29

I think I've done quite a few weeks for Project Life and was almost caught up a few weeks I'm behind again.  And I wanted to start a December book again this year as I haven't done one for awhile...guess we'll see how it goes.
Today Mikayla and Juan came down to help me decorate the house.  We brought in all the boxes and started.  The big tree upstairs seemed to have a couple of strands of lights that wouldn't work, which was disappointing.  Never could figure it out, so we just added a couple of strands.  It looks great.  Then they decorated the downstairs tree while I went to the Christmas Caring and Sharing to watch Kylee sing with the first grade, and Whitney play violin with the East Minico orchestra. 
Our family tree sold also, which was nice.  Mart Produce purchased it.  I was relieve that someone wanted it.  I was beginning to wonder.

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