Monday, December 29, 2014

Caring & Sharing family tree

I had an idea for the decorations for our family tree that we do for Christmas Caring & Sharing in Rupert.  I wanted to use an old door and an old chair, made to display Christmas cards.  I wanted to use antique skates, sled, skis etc...but couldn't find much.  Steve Graf found me a door and some skates.  I went to DI and purchased some red sweaters and a plaid jacket. Then used them to cover Styrofoam balls.  Made stars out of paper, and bleached pine cones...that was about it.  We named it "Santa's Cabin".  Sally & Jason let us set it up in their garage to decorate on Monday evening (even furnished supper) so it wouldn't be so far to haul it.  I don't think I would do that again though...we wrapped it in saran wrap to haul it over, but had to redo almost everything when we got to the civic center.  Next time I'd just do it there.

I made a ruffled tree skirt, which I thought turned out cute.  The put a price tag of $600.00 on it, and I was afraid it wouldn't sell, but Mart Produce purchased it...then gave it to Jason which was awesome.  Said they knew it was his family that had made it, and thought he'd like it.
It was fun to do, but I think the next time our family in charge of it, I'm going to start earlier and get more help.  I was very impressed that Jeff helped me with all of it though.  Being retired is great!

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