Monday, February 24, 2014

Project Life Week 48

This was Thanksgiving week, and it was a fun one.  The girls and I went to Boise shopping on Tuesday, Wednesday I spent baking pies and getting ready for dinner on Thursday.  Jeff had an idea to put the tables up out in the garage so we had more room, and it worked out fairly well.  After dinner we sat around the table and played games. 
That morning I kept Sam and Kylee while the rest of the Gibbons ran the Turkey Trot.  That's always pretty cool since the Stapelman family puts it on.  I'm not sure what year they are in now, but I know it's been going on for 12-13 years.

I had so many photos I didn't want to waste a space for "week 48", but you can barely see it on Perry's quilt.

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