Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday evening after everyone left but the four of us, we walked down to the Salmon River and took a few photos.  It was pretty cool.  Had such a great weekend...

These were our hikers.  They hiked to the top of the hill where the flag was.  It didn't look that hard from below, but they said it was shale and hard to climb on.  Glad I didn't try it!

Lindsay loved playing on the basketball court!

There's that flag at the top of the hill!

Kierra loved swinging, so Braquel and Keven spent a lot of time with her.

Chow time...all the food was great.  They had these tables outside and it was so nice to use them for our meals.

Sam playing basketball.

Ellie and Kylee brought their baseball gloves and I played catch with them.

Jason and Sally.  Saturday evening and all day Sunday, Jason had a terrible tooth ache.  He was pretty miserable, but lasted to Sunday evening.  They were going to spend the night and golf in Challis with us the next day, but he just didn't feel up to it.


Mikayla and Juan's pickup loaded with the kayaks   Even Mikayla got in one and paddled around.

Gary and Danelle did dutch oven cooking for their good!  It was an awesome weekend.  Can't wait for next year.

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