Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Riding Carey

Steph called one day, right after I had my second cataract surgery, and said they were going to go riding in Carey, and wondered if we wanted to come.  Of course, Jeff was ready, but I thought it was too windy for me to go with my eyes.  He said we could leave the window up and I could wear glasses....so we went.  So glad we did.  What a great time.  We had never ridden up there before and I was surprised at how green everything was, and the trees.  Carey seems sort of like desert, but when we got back in there it was very pretty.  We actually came to a spot that Jeff didn't want to ride any further.  I thought he was being a little over concerned, but we got out and walked up and...sure enough.  Narrow, side hill, steep...it had it all.  And there was Dave and Pepe trying to get turned around to come back out.  I should never doubt Jeff.  He is always thinking about our safety.  Never takes chances...but we always have so much fun.  Pepe works for a tire shop, and he noticed something in one of our back tires....a tent peg.  They took it out and we had a patch kit and a compressor, so we were on our way.  You can tell it was pretty cold and rainy that day...

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