Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Grandma Rodeo Queen

Danny entered a life story about mom and her years farming and raising horses with Dad.  She's 94 and probably the oldest one they've crowned.  It was funny, because Danny called me and told me to invite all the kids because it was a surprise for mom.  I wondered how he'd ever get her to the rodeo, but he called and invited her and she thought she'd love to go.  Merlynn came up to her before the rodeo and said, "Congrats".  Mom said, "What for?"  Merlynn didn't realize until then that it was a surprise...she just turned and walked away.  Dave and Steph came down, and we ran into while we were eating before the rodeo, and I thought she'd think that was weird that they came down...but she just thought they came to be with us.  There were probably 36-42 of us all there.  When they started reading the life sketch, she thought...well, they have the same birthday I do.  She kept listening and when they said, her husband was called into active duty during World War II and she was left building a home and with four small children... She finally caught on and turned and hit Danny on the arm...pretty funny.  They asked for family members to come down and ride around on a wagon to honor her.  There were so many of us that we all didn't fit on it.  One of the sheriff deputies that I know said they should have gotten two wagons...What an honor!

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