Sunday, February 7, 2016

McCoy Creek

After we left the Sheep Trail drive, we moved over to McCoy Creek.  We rode the next day into Caribou City and all over on that side.  When we came back to our camp, we found the gate locked and a note saying we had to move out...closed for the season.  So, we packed up and thought we head to Soda Springs or somewhere that direction.  The sensor on one of our tires said it was low, so we stopped and checked it, but couldn't find a tire that looked low.  When we got back in...the sensor reset.  This happened a couple of times, so when we got to Soda we went to a tire shop and had them check all the tires...everything was fine.  The guy thought it might be the spare giving us a false reading...who knows.  Anyway, we just headed on home and haven't had trouble since.  It was a fun trip anyway.

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