Saturday, February 6, 2016

Eagle Scout project

A young man in Heyburn, working for his Eagle Scout award, set the goal to collect 65 quilts to donate to various organizations.  At first I thought...that's not hard...but the more I thought about it, I decided it was.  Not all that many people make quilts anymore.  Anyway, I still had two of the pieced quilts that I hadn't finished before the cram the crib.  So, I went out and got them quilted and then bound them.  My niece lives near the young man, so I just told her she could stop and pick them up.  My sister told me the young man had been making several quilts, but they were tied.  When Merlynn gave him these quilts he said..."did you make these?  They are beautiful!"  I guess he was impressed that they were quilted.

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