Friday, February 5, 2016

Driggs Trip

This barn was built by Jeff's Dad and Grandpa Wood.  I love taking photos of it due to the rich colors and the memory...The little shop in front was the blacksmith shop.

When we rode the sheep drive trail, they were doing a prescribed burn so there were a ton of forest employees around.  A lot of smoke, but we still enjoyed the drive.  We went a little over half way and ate lunch, then came back the same way.  It was just gorgeous up there with the fall colors and all.

We stopped at the Teton Dam site...sure tragic. 

These moose were coming down the road on our way to Don & Vicki's home.  Don said they had gotten into his pasture and then the mother got out, but the baby couldn't seem to figure out how.  He was trying to help them, and they finally made it out.  Jeff unloaded the side by side to give Don a ride, and they saw them again down by the river...resting up after their ordeal.

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