Monday, March 2, 2015

Ruffled Skirts

The skirt above is the one I made for Yuma.  Stephanie posted photos of her with little tights on with it, and I loved it.  So glad it fit her.  When we were in Yuma last week, Stephanie said Blair did twirls in the skirt, and she's a girly girl...which Stephanie said she never was!  Just like my Stephanie I guess...tom boy's growing up!

This one was Ellie's.  I actually purchased the fabric in SLC when we had our sister's retreat.  Took me awhile to get around to sewing it up.  I posted photos of hers and Kylee's on FB, and saw where Amanda and Stephanie both liked them, so made Thalia and Blair one too.  Love sewing for girls!

This one was Kylee's.  I had to laugh on Christmas Eve when she opened it.  I had purchased a sweater at Macy's, and they asked if I needed boxes, so I said sure...give me two.  I wrapped Kylee's and Ellie's skirts in them.  When Kylee opened it, she immediately said:...."it's from Macy''s clothes".  Guess Sally buys clothes there a lot.

This is the skirt I made for Thalia.  They said she likes ruffles and girly things, so hope she liked it and that it fit.

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