Sunday, March 29, 2015

Drigg's trip

We never get tired of this view.  Since Jeff grew up in Drigg's, and we've visited a lot, I love it as much as he does.  It's just a beautiful place.

This barn was built by Jeff's dad and grandfather.  They actually went up in the mountains and cut and planed their own wood.  Isn't it great?  I love the color and the shape and everything. The little building beside it was his grandpa's blacksmith shop.  We found some old horse shoes in there many years ago.  It's really starting to fall apart though which is sad!

This little cabin is what Vern built when he married Reta.  They lived in it until Jeff and Ken were both older.  I don't remember if Susan was born there or not.  It was a two room building with lots of love.  Reta has described the furniture and everything to me.  They loved it there.

Jeff said this was the hill that he and Ken would slide down during the winter.  They had some home made skis and learned to ski very early in life.  I sure wish we still had those old wooden skis. 

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