Thursday, March 5, 2015

Left over Christmas things

Not sure if I posted this photo or not, but I've had this bubble gum machine out in the shop and at my old house forever....Jeff actually helped me put a new top on it so I could give it to C.J. for Christmas.  He is my kid that seems to like collecting things.  I think we got this when the kids were little one year.

Robin sent me a mini-album for Christmas with a gift card to Michaels which I love....I liked the mini album so much that I made three to give to my VT ladies.  Now they changed our ladies and we only have I'll have a gift for someone else.  I'm always copying Robin's cool ideas.

This SNOW was at the Caring and Sharing festival and I loved it....want to make it!

On Christmas Eve we had a snow/ice storm, and this was the snow plastered against one of our back windows.  What a mess it was.  Luckily the kids all made it home safely.

Margene made this snowflake and gave it to me, and I just love it.  I have it on my mantle right now.

This was the stair railing decorations this year.  I really like how it turned out.

I made these packages of marshmallows, pretzels, and licorice to hand out to all the kids on Christmas Eve for our Frozen Party.  We had a really fun time, and I'm glad we don't have to do it for a few years again.

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