Thursday, February 19, 2015

Purses for Christmas

I made two different styles of purses for Christmas gifts this year.  The style with the big flower and a handle was the easiest to make, and I loved them.  I didn't take photos of all the ones I made...just the last few that were black/white/red.  I did some purples, blues, was fun.  Then I put gift cards in each one.
The zippered/pleated ones, I made about 12-13 of.  Some of these I put gift cards in and some I put fingernail polish and misc. items for a manicure.  Robin gave me one of these for my birthday and I just loved it, so I stole the idea from her.  I loved how they all turned out.  The tutorial was on Utube, and I finally had to watch a the sewing...then watch again...etc.  At first I just thought I could remember how they did it and I made it harder than it was.

The night gowns below are a story in themselves.  I think...Danelle and I must have cute these out for Braquel and Mikayla...years ago.  As I made the receiving blankets and got further down in my "Mary Poppins" basket...I found them.  I made them up and gave the smaller one to Ellie and the little bit larger one to Kylee.  Funny huh?

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