Friday, October 3, 2014

South Hills 4-wheeling photos

I'm not sure why, but Connor and Darin both followed pretty close to Jeff, and I hung back.  Sometimes too far because I wasn't sure where they had gone.  Usually Jeff waits for me at turns and forks in the road so I know which way he went.  I guess he thought those two would wait for me, but I don't think they've 4-wheeled enough to know that we do that for each other.  No worries...I did finally find my way most of the time.  Including once going back to the's a good thing I had been there before and figured which way to go by myself.

The photos above were taken where the fire went through a couple of falls ago.  I was sort of surprised that there were so many flowers and some grasses growing already.  It's sure sad to see all those dead trees though.  They'll probably never grow back up in my life time!

Tomorrow...our shooting fun!

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