Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dish towels

So...I have a "bunch" of dish towels.  I just kept purchasing them, thinking about making sets with holiday motifs on them...a lady at the Gathering Place has patterns out, and I've purchased several already.  But when I finally got them out and hemmed the ones I needed to and stacked them up...I think I may have a few too many.  So, it's one of those projects where I'll do 4 dozen and then give them to my daughters and g-daughters probably.  Lately I've been doing that quite often and it's been really fun.  They seem to enjoy it...I hope so.  The only problem is I'm sick of making them by the time I'm finished.  Take the fall table runner as an example.  I ended up making about 14 of them... oh well.  It's fun and keeps me busy.

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