Thursday, October 16, 2014


I recently decided that I needed to get rid of some magazines, so I went through a complete shelf (or two) and just cut out what I thought I might make at some point, and threw the rest away.  I always hate to do that, but you can only keep so much.  I actually made room for my circuit cartridges by doing so, which was nice.

Janell posted a challenge for the retreat, to organize some space.  I decided to work in my fabric/sewing closet.  The shelf above is scraps that I've already cut into squares to make quilts some point.  I mainly cut up flannel scraps, and thought I could just do a 9-patch or something with them.  It also shows some motions and fabrics stacked up.  Below...same thing.  Lots of fabric just stacked up waiting for me to make something.

Below are the photos after I straightened things up a bit.  All the charm packs and jelly rolls that I've purchased...waiting for me to make something.  But, at least now they are together and when I get time to make a quilt...they are together and ready to go.  It's a "little" better than it was.

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