Sunday, March 9, 2014

Challenge #2- Checkers

The game for the challenge this week is Checkers!  Who doesn't remember playing that game with your family?  I already love black and red, so this was a pretty fun challenge for me.  I went to the Gathering Place Thursday after I had gone to the Dr., and fell in love with this fabric.  I could make all kinds of things with it, but decided to make a skirt for Ellie since we're celebrating her birthday with the Jones' today.  I thought it turned out way cute.
Then Danelle asked if I could make one for her doll too, so they would match!

This is actually the doll skirt.  Below is the headband I made for the doll too.

And Ellie's headband.  Not sure she'll ever wear it, but maybe since the doll has one....

Here are the two- side by side.  Just a little difference.

Danelle thought it would look cute to have an eyelet slip under the skirt to make it stand out a little.  I had some eyelet, so I made one.  Then I had some chiffion that came off some gave it to I put that on top of it to make it stand out a little more.

This morning I made a slip for the doll skirt too.  Couldn't let her go without...

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