Monday, July 25, 2016

Hwy 191

Yes...we're still in Arizona....believe it or not!  We spent the night in Benson, and looked at the map.  We found a road that went straight north to Utah...Highway 191...and thought that would work great.  So, we started out.  We went through Stafford, which Mark told us his grandparents were from, and then to the huge mine...when we drove out of the mine, a sign said next services 90 miles.  We thought ..."Okay...we've got plenty of gas".  I think we should have realized then that this wasn't a "main" highway.  But, we just went on our merry way.  Well, it was over five passes, there was snow on the road...they had plowed part way through...and we never met another car for over half way through.  We were beginning to wonder if the road was even open all the way.  It was gorgeous, but Jeff didn't have time to enjoy it because he was constantly making turns.  When we finally came to a little town, I went in to ask how far to the next larger town, and found out that people love that road, especially sports cars and motorcycles...over 400 curves.  We saw wild turkey, but that was about all the wild life.  It took us so long that we decided to go into Gallup New Mexico and spend the night instead of trying to finish going through straight north.
The next day we drove into Colorado, over to Monticello for lunch, then towards Moab....where we ran into a road stoppage due to a semi catching on fire.  Sat there for over an hour, and then finished driving home....great trip.

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