Monday, May 2, 2016

Christmas Eve

 Dave, Stephanie, and Natalie were on a team.

 Sam and Kylee...only on Christmas Eve...

 Ellie's team won the ginger bread house contest.

 I think this reindeer has deformed antlers...Mikayla.

 Another team's antlers.

Dave and Steph
 Jeff, Brooke, Mikayla, and myself...our team.

 Santa had a little trouble keeping his beard and his pants on...pretty funny, but Ember was thrilled.

 Ellie knew a lot of the song lyrics...I was totally amazed at how good she was at finishing the beginning lyric...

Our family holds their "BIG" party on Christmas Eve.  There are so many of us that we usually hold it at the church.  Janell's family was in charge of it this year.  They served breakfast, which turned out really well.  Then they had a contest to build ginger bread houses (out of graham crackers) with a time limit of about 10 minutes.  Also played a game where you put balloons in panty hose to make reindeer antlers.  Santa came, and we had a family talent show, before reading the Christmas story from the bible and having the kids play all the parts.  I got to thinking about how many kids we used to have and how we had birds, sheep, etc. just so all the kids could play a part.  Those were the good ole days.

Our own family party to open gifts before everyone headed home to wait for Santa to come!
Boy we love having everyone.

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