Sunday, October 4, 2015

Magic Mountain #1

Since Bill and the group took us to Magic Mountain, we've loved going there.  We traveled down on Wednesday and thought we'd stay at least until Friday, maybe Saturday.  We rode the first day and it was great.  Cloudy and a little chilly, but not bad.  That night it rained on us.  The next day, we went down to a spot we thought we could get some wood for a fire and did get the back of the side by side full.  That evening we started a big fire and I got ready to propane.  So, we doused the fire and packed up and came home.  Not cool!

We went back a couple more times, and loved every minute of it.  The last time, I was at WalMart getting some last minute groceries, and ran into Larry and Anita.  I didn't mention that we were headed to Magic since we had been saying we needed to go with them....We took Jeff's parents up this time. Well, guess who was camped right across the road from us...Larry & Anita.  They hadn't mentioned they were going either!  We all got a good laugh over that.  Jeff took Vern riding a few times and also his mom.  I just stayed in camp and read books and cooked.  It rained almost every time we sat down to eat.  Ken came up and rode one day with us and loved it.  I guess he took Viki back to ride the same ride.  We saw moose and deer several times. 

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