Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jones familyl camping trip

Mikayla planned a camping trip to celebrate Juan's birthday, and we were thrilled to be included.  We drove up on Thursday and camped with Gary & Danelle and the kids, Gary's parents, and us.  It rained during the night, but not to hard.  On Friday, Gary and Danelle had to go down to work, so Treven and Ellie stayed with us and Bert.  We played Frisbee and the golf game, and when it cleared up a little, we went climbing.  They were super good at it, and I had to just take it slow and easy.  Then it hailed on us before we could get back to camp.  We were up to Twin Lakes campground, and there were a ton of people that came in that evening.
We took turns cooking meals and it was awesome.  Everyone had such good food, and Jeff told me I was going to have to step up my cooking.  I just did Subway style sandwiches with all the fixings...nothing fancy like the rest did.  It was the best weekend!

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