Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Disappearing hour glass quilt block

 This quilt uses a layer cake of designed fabric and a layer cake of a solid.  I cut my own solid of white.  Lay a solid and a designed right side to right side and sew completely around all four sides.

 Cut diagonally into four pieces.

 Press open.
 Sew back together in an hour glass arrangement.

Cut the finished block into 9 equal pieces. 

 Then you are going to move pieces around to form this star basically.  MSQC has a tutorial on their website for this quilt.  That's where I learned to make it.

This is the finished block.  I made 42 of them and then added a border to make a queen size quilt.  I will post the finished quilt at a later date.

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Robin said...

Awesome blocks!!