Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jeena's bag

Janell asked me to make a bag for Jeena to take on her mission before she left, and we met at the Gathering Place.  Of course, it had to be conservative...not tons of cute fabric like I would have liked...but we came up with this black & white.
Margene had a pattern, and part way in she had written on it..."I didn't do it this way" I went out to her house and we decided how we thought we should do it.  Even though after making a lot of purses it didn't make sense to me.  Well, I got it sewn and it would not turn right side out all the way around.  One side would be okay and if you tried to get the other side, it would be okay and the previous one wouldn't be.  I had to tear the whole thing apart and redo it the way I thought it should have been to begin with.  When I finally got it done I called Janell and said...Jeena is going to hate this!  But she didn't, so I guess it all ended okay.

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