Friday, September 26, 2014

4- Wheeling up Sheep Canyon

Back about the first of August, Jeff and I put the camper on and went to Drigg's for a couple of days.  I already posted the photos from Mesquito Ranch, and here's the other ride we took.  We spent Thursday evening at Piney Pass and then came down the hill to Sheep Canyon...I believe that's what Jeff called it.
This is about half the photos I took.  I'll post the rest tomorrow.
The last photo is actually where Jeff wanted to take me, but after walking part way up the hill and seeing what it would take, we decided not to take the chance.  There is a look out way up there, and a place called Elk Flat, which is where he really wanted me to go.  But, the trail looked like we'd have to winch ourselves up at least part way, and I had already had a little I wasn't real excited to try something like this.  A lot of big rocks to try and get over.  But...what a cool ride.  This trail goes from the Piney Pass area, clear out to Kelly Canyon.  We went about half way.  Took us all morning and part of the afternoon.  It was a super fun trail with lots of shade and tress and wild flowers.

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