Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I might have posted these before, because I made them a couple of years ago.  It was a project that the Knopp ladies were getting together to make, and Steph made some but wasn't sure just how to whip them shut.  In exchange for doing that for her, she gave me the scraps so I could make some for myself.  I love them.

This is another wood project from the "wood connection" in SLC.  Had it for several years...again....but loved it when I got it finished.  Almost hate to put away my cute Easter decorations.  But, time marches on.

Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile.  My computer had a virus and I took it in and had it worked on...bought speakers because I didn't seem to have sound.  Still didn't when I got it home so I took it back in while I went to the retreat.  Just picked it up today....and now I have music!  Something about sending it out on the digital instead of the sound jack...??? Good thing someone knows more about computers than I do.

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