Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fleece blankets

I purchased a rotary blade that cuts little holes along the edge of your fleece so that you can crochet around it...loved how it turned out.

This one, I tied in a different way than I've ever done before.  I read that instead of knotting it along the edges (because it makes such a big one) you should cut small lines and then pull both pieces of the fleece through...Tried it, and it looked good, but not sure how it will stay when it's washed.

This one I put two pieces of fleece together and just used blanket binding.  ok...nothing special, other than I thought the fleece was pretty cute.

I loved this plaid fleece...I put black on the back and tied it.  Then blanket stitched around it.  I quite liked it, and felt like a man could use it.

These were all donated for chemo kits.  My friend Christy in Idaho Falls was trying to put together 50-65 of them for someone that was making the rest of the kit.  I thought it was awesome.

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