Saturday, November 7, 2015

Preemie Hearts

I have a friend that asked on FB if anyone would be willing to make flannel hearts that they use at hospitals for preemie babies.  I volunteered.  Mainly because I know what that is have a preemie baby in the hospital.  Justice was under three pounds when she was born.  They use these between the mother, father, or whomever and the baby.  It takes on the warmth and smell of that person and then they can leave it with the baby when that person leaves.  I ended up making 75 or so of these.  Christy was going to take care of shipping them.
I also took four fleece blankets to Christy for a lady that was trying to put together 50 chemo kits.  They turned out pretty.  I hope I remembered to take photos when I get into printing some more pictures...then I'll post them.  I just need to get caught up a little bit....

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