Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brooke's Graduation Book

I make a graduation book for each of our grandkids using their senior photo's, and then collecting letters from their grandparents to put in the pockets on each page.  This year we had four kids graduating...Brooke (Stephanie & Dave), Chelsey (Danelle & Gary), Ivy (Jason & Sally), and Chris (Robin, C.J).  It is actually quite a story...we have four, and then there are five other great-grandkids for my mother.  So she has nine graduating this year.  And it's amazing...she made them all some kind of quilt.  The girls got pieced quilts and the boys got fleece ones.  That's pretty cool for her to do that at age 93.  She's amazing!
This is Brooke's book.

I hope this is something they will always treasure.  It isn't every kid that has this many grandparents and great grandparents.  And to have them all healthy enough to hand write them letters.

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