Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cross-stitch quilt

Remember during the winter months I showed this cross-stitch quilt that we were trying to finish for Doris?  Well, we finished it, and Margene put it together with a couple of blue borders to make it large enough.  We were planning on the Jensen's coming over Memorial weekend to help quilt, but none of them made it.  So, Margene, Mom, and I did most of the quilting.  Kim and Cinda also helped some.  Didn't it turn out beautiful though?  I'll be sharing a photo of the whole thing later.  I think we have pretty much finished up the things for least I have.  I think Margene is still working on some cross-stich wedding things...
Sometimes I start crying when I think about Doris and how much I miss her.  Even though she lived in Soda Springs and was my oldest sister, I had grown to love and appreciate her. 

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Robin said...

I think it amazing that you guys have taken on the unfinished projects for Doris. It's a act of love.